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Just a quick note to say Thanks Again for such a great product! In the 2 months we have had the unit in the living room my dog Lincoln’s skin irritations are no more. Attached photos tell the story. The addition of this unit to our house was the only change during this time. Lincoln’s diet, exercise sleep etc all remained constant. I really appreciate your support throughout this journey and highly recommend this air purifier.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our recent results with our Better Air system. I own a professional kennel and had decided to install the system in February. Since that time we have virtually eliminated all extra medications that we previously have had to use in order to treat upper respiratory issues -saving us time and lots of money. Not to mention the reduced stress put on the animals. We are thrilled with the customer service that Steve has offered us. He promptly addresses all of my questions and concerns immediately. He set us up on automatic delivery of the refills, but as with any product it takes a little bit to adjust to know exactly when one would run out? We ended up getting closer to running out than I felt comfortable with and Steve was kind enough to come right out and take care of us. During this time I also explained to him that I was concerned because I was seeing a situation of upper respiratory developing. Steve immediately did an extra treatment for us and the next day all of those signs were gone! As you can imagine I was thrilled. Mandated government regulations state that stool samples are to be taken before we can ship. Since the installation of the Better Air system -every sample has been negative! I am very pleased with the choice of installing this system and would recommend any facility that deals with animals to seriously consider how they can afford not to install one?

Lorilee ThomasOwner - Puppies Extraordinaire, LLC

I was at wits’ end with my baby’s eczema flare-ups – until these probiotic air purifiers came along I was highly skeptical about how true they were. However, four months after I first started using the machines, I found myself recommending them to a friend whose son suffers from chronic eczema. After considering how much relief it’s given the entire family, I would say that it’s a worthy investment for people suffering from allergies to dust mites and other airborne allergens

Jessica LinBusiness Insider

When the staff of the Brooklyn Nets moved into our new offices and practice facility we experienced a bad odor problem as well as a member of our staff experiencing the symptoms of sick building syndrome. The Brooklyn Nets management team’s goal first and foremost is to always eliminate 100% the risk of our athletes getting sick, but also to provide the healthiest possible environment where our staff has no distractions from hindering their work performance. So we decided to install a BetterAir system which eliminated the odor issues immediately while the one member who was complaining about sickness hasn’t complained since. Based upon our experience I would definitely recommend BetterAir for use in other buildings.

Dan West.Sr. Manager of Operations at Brooklyn Nets

I am both glad and proud to be a leader in the field of “healthy buildings” that protects the well-being of both tenants and visitors at the Azrieli Tower complex.

Yoav GazitCeo- Azrieli buildings

"Careful analysis of these results clearly shows that Better Air environmental probiotics have been found effective in creating of a more balanced Indoor microbiome inside the treated planes”

Nimrod DemiaoManger In flight service Div. ,EL-AL

The report showed a reduction in infectious microbial load, furthermore, there was an improvement in employee’s well being.

Commander Dr Zvi LenkovskyChief Medical officer Israel Police forces

I honestly love your products. My son is on asthma medication every day. His Asthma surely cant be cured for good, but extremely happy with any improvement and by using your products, it reduced usage of Ventolin by 30%- 40%, which is great.


Absolutely!! This is nothing shy of an amazing product. I felt the effects immediately and suddenly I could breathe! My room was instantly cleaner/fresher. I do not use anything else other than an inhaler for my asthma and since I’ve started using this machine, I have not had to use my inhaler at all. I must say that it’s only getting better as well. Highly recommend!

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The BetterAir Biotica800 is definitely a product that anyone with any type of immune sickness should have in their home. Using this product will ensure quality clean air and surfaces. Everyone in your home will breathe and feel noticeably better. It’s easy to setup and can be placed almost anywhere. This product is guaranteed better air for your home.

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Where to begin? This system is flat out fantastic! It has been a great addition to our home, and the effects were almost instantaneous. But first, a little backstory: I’ve struggled with allergies and asthma most of my life, but noticed shortly after my pregnancy that I was even more sensitive to sinus issues. After some online research, I saw many people agree that humidifiers were a great help. And so for the past few years, I’ve used my humidifier religiously, even experimenting with a few drops of various essential oils to aid sleep and mood. While I did notice improvement, I also noted that when I was away from my humidifier the good effects essentially stopped there. With the BetterAir Biotica I’ve discovered a feeling of overall well-being that seems to last, even when I’m not right near my system. And the best part is the maintenance (or lack thereof), works well with my hectic schedule. No constant stopping to fill or refill my humidifier. No frequent cleanings or accidental spills. It blends right into the background with it’s sleek design, and is perfect for travel. It’s also fairly quiet, but does periodically release a small “hiss” that may make your little one curious enough to investigate. Overall I am very pleased, and would recommend this product to anyone who might be struggling with allergies or asthma.

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The BetterAir Biotica800 has become a blessing. I don’t think my hubs and I ever really thought too in-depth about the air in our home other than the usual; we make sure the air filter gets changed as recommended and that was it. We knew allergens were still finding a way in but turned to medication for relief. Since using the BetterAir Biotica800 in our bedroom we have both started sleeping better. It wasn’t instant but I’d say anywhere from day 5 on has been great. According to our sleep trackers we both get to deep sleep faster and stay there longer. We wake up feeling rested instead of foggy. We have a special needs child that has an extremely full therapy schedule which can sometimes be exhausting. However, I’m noticing I seem to handle things better and think it’s a direct correlation to getting better sleep. I wish there was a unit we could integrate with the air system in -home so multiple rooms could be treated simultaneously. Overall, I’m satisfied and more…better sleep is always great!

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I just love this Biotica. I was so excited to get it, because I was looking up on it and how it worked and what it did. I was like a child on Christmas morning when I finally got it. It was easy to figure out how to work it and how to assemble it. All you have to do is put the biotics cartridge in and either put the wall mount on or the legs for it to be able to sit on the counter. You guys within 2 days my daughter quit sneezing all the time she would sneeze in the morning time and night time so badly and have a runny nose. This has helped her she does even sneeze not even close to what she used to. Me and my husband would have a throat ache most mornings and this had helped that a lot. I will be buying more cartridges. I’m extremely happy with this biotica800.

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I have enjoyed the BetterAir Bioteca800. I’ve noticed quite a difference in our bedroom. The air quality is much better. Allergy and asthmatic symptoms have lessened. My main concern was my 4 year old son’s allergies. This product has reduced his nasal congestion by more that half. We will continue to use this product.

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The BetterAir gives me the extra assurance that germs are being killed in my house so my family can breathe better. I like how simple it is to use. Just plug it in and that is all I have to do. I think extra cans of spray with the unit would be good so I don’t run out. I have not had to replace any cans of spray yet at a month’s use.

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I was very sceptical about this product. However, once I set it up and used it I could very quickly tell that the air I was breathing was cleaner and the conditions that I struggle with such as allergies, dog and asthma improved really quickly. The product also helped me to sleep better. It really works. And the price is very reasonable compared to other products. Only criticism – need long-lasting cartridges. That’s an ongoing expense one doesn’t like. I would rather pay more for the product than have to constantly replace cartridges. Thank you for this amazing product.

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